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Jamia Office

Dargah Alahazrat,

34 Saudagran,

Bareilly, U.P.


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The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ says, "Require Allāh for useful knowledge and seek refuge with Allāh from knowledge that is of no use." Sunan Ibn Mājāh
To investigate Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Bareillvi (radi Allāhu anhu) works against the modern world, and the evidence that these studies are fully beneficial to the current lifestyle and classic for the future lifestyle.


The heart of the country is at this moment Bareilly Sharif, the home town of Imam-e-Ahle Sunnat, Mujaddid-e-Alam, Leader of the Awliya of his time, Faqih of the Fuqaha, Sheikh of the Mashaikh, a Master of Islamic and Secular sciences, al-Hafiz, al-Muhaddith, al-Mudarris, al-Mufti, al-Qazi, Master of Ulema, Sufi ba Safa, Alahazrat Allama Maulana Muhammed Shah Ahmed Raza Khan al-Qadri radi Allahu anhu.

The great-grandchild of Alahazrat and with the blessings of Ghaus-ul-Waqt Mufti-e-Azam Hind Sheikh Muhammad Mustafa Raza Khan al-Qadri (Alayhir Rahma), Shere Raza Mujahid-e-Islam Hazrat Allama Maulana Muhammed Mannan Raza Khan (Mannani Mian) al-Qadri founded the jamia. His blessed son Sheikh Allama Maulana Muhammed Imran Raza Khan (Samnani Mian) al-Qadri is the principal of the jamia.

Mannani Mia Sajrah Tayyibah Sajrah2020.pdf